Sunday, 17 November 2013

My all time OTP! ❤️

Finally home from a birthday party with the whole freaking family! Okay was fun to see the cousins again, but geez exhausted! Can't sleep quite yet though so just doing some late night fangirling... Cause that's Obviously what yo do when you're a hardcore fangirl like me! 

Been going through the JavaJunkie tag on tumblr for the last 30 minutes now. AMFG! The feels! They are just the best Tv couple ever! They were the first OTP I ever FELL IN LOVE WITH. Before I didn't give a damn about who dated who in a TV show, but when I met L&L , Lorelai and Luke, boy did my opinion change. They are just so perfect for eachother! Always there for eachother .. Best friends, boyfriend and girlfriend, fiancée and fiancé .. And in my Javajunkie mind Husband and wife! Who could not LOVE them, or find them perfect for eachother? Who! I dare ya!! no Chris.. No. It's Luke., it's always been Luke!

" I don't think I ever really loved anyone.. Until Luke." 

IIIP just perfect! I want a Luke.. Or at lest a life like their love! Please! They're just so perfect! I want a love where I can reflect  light too :P someone to mock people with, someone to force to go to town meetings, someone to have fun with and someone to lean on whenever you need it. That's the most perfect thing. They're perfect, just truly perfect! 

As Amy Sherman Palladino once said: "To me, they say "I love you" to each other every single day. Everything that they do, the way they care for each other, the way they take care of each other..." 

Just gaaaah.. Give me a Luke.. Sometime! Someday.. Someday.. Maybe! 

Written in the stars... ❤️ <3 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Hello there, been a few days huh? Well.. not much have been going on, rainy rainy days. Been home from school today, so I've been reading "the statistical probability of love at first sight", by Jennifer E Smith (Lauren's editor), for the second time. It's just so good and well written!  Also Lauren's book "Someday Someday Maybe" and Jennifer's book "This is what happy looks like" are both nominated for best books of 2013 at goodreads, so go and vote vote vote!


Speaking of reading books, I have decided to add a weekly or maybe monthly, we will see how it turns out, Book and Movie club, woooo!! Basically I will be recommending, books (on Fridays, book friday, duh!) and movies that I like and that I REALLY think you should read and/or watch! Never done something like this before so I'm pretty excited about it. I hope you guys will like it :D

As of today, I finally payed my membership to a site I'm a member of where you can search acting jobs and stuff, woo! Only one year later than I was supposed to... Right now I am sitting her watching FRIENDS. Yes, I've watched it before, but only season 1-3 and then random episodes so now I am FINALLY watching it all, and it's just so good, and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that theme song!! :D I feel an obsession coming on..

and only 252 days 14 hours 23 minutes and 30 seconds left until I take my trip to the U.K.! wooohoooo!!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Rainy Mc Rainy days!

Hi there!
I've decided to try to do one post every day, or at least every other day. so today has been rainy and freezing cold (wow I'm complaining about the weather already!), but seriously so freaking cold, I could freeze my arse off! I even drank tea today! That's how cold it's been. (normally I don't like tea but I like pickwick's cinnamon tea, (for that I will ALWAYS LOOOVE... WAIT BLAME ANJA AND MO!) Other than that it's been aka CAN I PLEASE GO HOME ALREADY AND SLEEP? I DON'T WANNA BE HERE!!!!

Then I've been fangirling like crazy, first over the picture of Lauren and Craig, and then over the video of Lauren and Craig. It was just such an awesome interview, and hilarious, like always! This one if def. one of my favorites though!

Also today I found out that I'm selected for our school thingy, travel around with another girls in my class and a teacher and talk about our school...yay. So should we move on to the FUN news then? I also found out that I'm going to be an extra in a movie this weekend! wooop woooop! Been too long! So happy and excited to get to do it again! YAYAYYAYAYA! And with that, I'll stop this random rambling, babbling post. Hope you're all having a great evening, stay away from the rain! it's evil!

xx - Liz. (just cause my computer is being stupid at the moment.. you'll get the video later but watch watch watch!!!)


Monday, 4 November 2013

My little corner of the world...

Hello there!
Yes, welcome to yet another person, with yet another one of those boring blogs. I write in english (obviously..) so if you can't take that, chew it or loose it.. or well then what are you doing here?

So, yeah.. I decided to try this whole blogging thing again, (used to have one earlier), but I'll try to make it a little more fun this time. I'll probably write about all kind of random stuff. Like complaining about the weather and stuff, to write about books and movies, and fangirl about some or a lot of my obsessions. Like GG (NO I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT GOSSIP GIRL. GILMORE GIRLS WERE THERE WAY WAY BEFORE AND WILL ALWAYS BE GG, NOTHING ELSE), and Lauren Graham, (don't know who she is? Look her up and cracker yourself <--- note look up that term, or else... get lost?).  Just to mention two of my obsessions.

Anyway I'm Elise, but everyone call me Lizzie or Liz, and I live somewhere in cold Europe that isn't worth mentioning. Welcome to my blog, I hope you'll stay with me for this weird and exciting ride.

See ya soon - Xx Liz.