Monday, 4 November 2013

My little corner of the world...

Hello there!
Yes, welcome to yet another person, with yet another one of those boring blogs. I write in english (obviously..) so if you can't take that, chew it or loose it.. or well then what are you doing here?

So, yeah.. I decided to try this whole blogging thing again, (used to have one earlier), but I'll try to make it a little more fun this time. I'll probably write about all kind of random stuff. Like complaining about the weather and stuff, to write about books and movies, and fangirl about some or a lot of my obsessions. Like GG (NO I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT GOSSIP GIRL. GILMORE GIRLS WERE THERE WAY WAY BEFORE AND WILL ALWAYS BE GG, NOTHING ELSE), and Lauren Graham, (don't know who she is? Look her up and cracker yourself <--- note look up that term, or else... get lost?).  Just to mention two of my obsessions.

Anyway I'm Elise, but everyone call me Lizzie or Liz, and I live somewhere in cold Europe that isn't worth mentioning. Welcome to my blog, I hope you'll stay with me for this weird and exciting ride.

See ya soon - Xx Liz.

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