Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Sorry I've been MIA lately, things have been a bit crazy. February basically consisted of tons and tons and tons of rehearsals for my play at the theatre. A bit stressful, and a lot of tiredness but in the end the play went off without (almost.. ) any hitch! I personally don't think it could have been any better and I am SO proud of how well it turned out! Now things are a lot calmer on the acting/theatre front until May, so now I just have to catch up on some school work ;)

I can't believe it's March already? That's like one thirds of this term that has already gone by… wooowzaa..! But Yaaay! FINALLY the warmer weather is starting to come, I can't wait to turn in my winter coat for my leather jacket and my converse! ( something I probably should have done already if I didn't have a fever, which I somehow ALWAYS manages to get this time of the year).

Tomorrow we're going to a University to attend free lectures, we did this on Monday too and it was so much fun! Kinda makes you want to skip high school and start there right away! :p

Anyway.. hope everyone had a great february and is enjoying the month of march, and I AM BACK! WOOOOP!

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